SSH Target Deploy Times (VERY slow)

So, I have many deploys going on (all to windows boxes) and deploy time is incredibly fast (30 seconds).

I wanted to include my Node/Express project deploying via the SSH Target. Currently, TeamCity is deploying the ~28Mb worth of application files in about 2 minutes. When I deploy the same content via Octopus, the average deploy time is 53 minutes. WOW, that’s unreasonable.

Now, I read that SSH would be a little slower, but that’s quite unacceptable.

Any constructive thoughts/suggestions?

Hi Ed,

Thanks for getting in touch! It is a bug with Mono/NuGet where the unpacking is incredibly slow.
It’s one of the reasons we added .zip and .tgz support in 3.3 which is now in beta:

As you are still in testing/concept phase it should not be an issue to trial the beta for this purpose.

Hope this helps!