Specifying Octopak package in step

I’m getting an error when I specify my octopak package name. I have it outputting from team city with the name

{solution name}.{release number}.nupkg.

Octopak is always outputting the nupkg at the end, I only specify the release number myself.

I am trying to specify in my deployment step the same name {solution name}.{release number}.nupkg

However, no matter what I specify the actual name as Octopus deploy always modifies the name to be

{whatever I set it too}.{release number}

So if I specify what I want I get

{solution name}.{release number}.nupkg.{release number}

This makes it impossible to format the name with the “.nupkg” ender so I always get the error: “Activity failed with error 'package {incorrect name} could not be downloaded.”

How do I get octopak to not use the nupkg ender or get Octopus deploy to stop automatically altering my name in a way I didn’t specify?

I didn’t realize I needed to push the nupkg to a server in a prior step. Handled that and pointed it to the appropriate nuget server and it works fine in this regard now.

Hi Chase,

Thanks for getting in touch! Glad you figured this out.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have further issues or questions.