Special characters in file path when deploying nuget

I just set up a new Octopus Server install. When deploying to server, Getting “Illegal characters in path” error. Looks like “@” symbols where added into the filename. Package looks normal in Octopus and in TFS before pushing to the internal Octopus package repo.

Deploying package ‘E:\Octopus\Files\myCompany.myApp.Server@S1.0.6642.23912@AFA541F0AC7FFD49AE3F5694EF4F5E8A.nupkg’ to machine ‘https://servername01b.domain.local:10933/

March 9th 2018 13:48:03

Deploying package: E:\Octopus\Files\myCompany.myApp.Server@S1.0.6642.23912@AFA541F0AC7FFD49AE3F5694EF4F5E8A.nupkg

March 9th 2018 13:48:04

System.ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path.

Also, now I’ve added several projects and this is happening with all of them. I have another instance of Octopus deploy server and tentacles that are consuming/deploying the packages with no issue. This is happening with the latest version of Octopus.

I tried downloading the packages from the web interface and they seem normal.

OS Version
Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.14393.0

CLR Version


What version of Octopus is your other instance (the one that isn’t having these illegal characters in path error) running? As part of supporting Maven feeds we had to change our package naming strategy for the package cache and this is why we added @ as a separator but it’s strange that you’re seeing these errors as @ is allowed in filenames on Windows.

What version of Windows is the new Octopus server instance running on, and also the Tentacles that you are deploying to?

Can you send through the raw log of a deployment that failed as it might have some further clues for us as to what is causing this issue.

Thank you and kind regards,

Sent log via direct message.

So I have resolved the issue (without exactly knowing the cause). On the two projects that were failing, I changed the packages to test packages, changed the custom install directory. Successfully deployed the test package. Set the settings back one by one and then the deployment worked. These projects were imported, perhaps the encoding got screwed up with the Json import or something similar.


Good to hear that you’ve been able to resolve the issue!

It is quite possible that is an encoding issue that occurred upon import of the project, I couldn’t see anything obvious in the log you sent but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something wrong encoding-wise.

Thank you and best regards,

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