Shared Hosting


is there a way you could support shared hosting

for example a FTP Tentacle?

many thanks

Is there anyway to deploy to a shared hoster? I would love to use Octopus for all our products but one of our products is in a shared hosting environment. If Octopus had a way to plugin an FTP tentacle as David suggested or support Web Deploy it would solve this problem.


Thanks for the suggestion. An FTP Tentacle is an interesting concept.

A shared host won’t be able to run PowerShell scripts, so I guess it would look something like this:

  • Download the NuGet package
  • Extract it locally
  • Run config file transforms/variable replacement
  • FTP it up

Is there anything else it would need?

At the moment Octopus understands “environments” and “machines”. I guess a concept needs to be introduced called a “Destination” - a machine running Tentacle is one kind of destination, but an FTP site or Azure service is another kind of destination. When you set up an FTP destination, you would specify the FTP URL, username/password, path, and so on.

It’s a great suggestion. I’ll make sure that Octopus is extensible enough that such a feature can be added in future, and I’ll add this to the backlog as something to implement.