Setup and configuration of Octopus Deploy using configuration management

Has there been any discussions or any plans to allow for octopus server or tentacles to be installed and configured by solutions like chef, puppet, ansible, and so on? I have not seen a cookbook available for chef and wasn’t sure if one either existed or is coming.

Hi Allen,

Thanks for getting in touch. There are a couple of cookbooks on the Chef supermarket, supported by the community.

I know Puppet has native or near-native support for PowerShell DSC, which we support in a first-class manner through the OctopusDSC module:

Ansible support is quite new at Octopus - we’ve blogged about using Octopus to drive Ansible, but not the other way round.

That said, our new first-class Java support has brought Ansible more into play here, so support for deploying Octopus resources with Ansible may well be on the near horizon.

I hope this addresses your questions. If not, feel free to drop a reply back and I’ll do my best to help out