Setup and configuration of Octopus Deploy using configuration management

(aworrell) #1

Has there been any discussions or any plans to allow for octopus server or tentacles to be installed and configured by solutions like chef, puppet, ansible, and so on? I have not seen a cookbook available for chef and wasn’t sure if one either existed or is coming.

(Jason Brown) #2

Hi Allen,

Thanks for getting in touch. There are a couple of cookbooks on the Chef supermarket, supported by the community.

I know Puppet has native or near-native support for PowerShell DSC, which we support in a first-class manner through the OctopusDSC module:

Ansible support is quite new at Octopus - we’ve blogged about using Octopus to drive Ansible, but not the other way round.

That said, our new first-class Java support has brought Ansible more into play here, so support for deploying Octopus resources with Ansible may well be on the near horizon.

I hope this addresses your questions. If not, feel free to drop a reply back and I’ll do my best to help out


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