Set Kubernetes pod hostNetwork to true

We’re trying to get our custom services running in a Kubernetes cluster environment for the first time, using Octopus for the deployments. One of our services requires a huge number of ports to be open on a public IP so clients can connect to a single container directly (another service will be responsible for directing clients to the right host IP and port, and do the load balancing). From the kubernetes documentation it sounds like setting hostNetwork to true in the pod configuration is the best way to do this.

Is this possible in Octopus or is there another option I could explore?

Hi Jason,
Unfortunately at the moment this option is not exposed on this step. The only work around for now would be to construct or edit the yaml manually using a “kubernetes script” step. I have added a github ticket however as I can see that this is sometimes a useful ability. We are continuing to improve our K8S support so keep an eye on this issue for further progress.
Let me know if you have any further questions,