Sequence contains no matching element exception on project Overview

I’m running into this exception on some projects since i upgraded to 3.4.11 from an older version.


Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry you’re hitting this error! It looks like you’re getting bitten by this bug. What seems to be the cause is the channel is on a different project to the release. This can be fixed with an SQL query (as shown in the link) which will update the releases causing this to use its default channel. Before you run the query, please make a backup of your database.

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That fixed the problem, thanks.

Is there a specific setup which is causing this issue? I have multiple projects which all use the same package but they all use the default channel. I’m hoping to move to the built in multi tenanted setup.


Kenny has gone on a well deserved break, and I’m looking into the issue, so I’ll answer that. I haven’t identified exactly what is causing the problem, but will update the issue when I do. The problem is relatively rare, so it may not re-occur for you. I also don’t expect multi-tenancy to exacerbate the problem.

Robert W