Sensitive variables doesn't decrypting on linux

We use Octopus 2018.11.2 + linux-base tentacle on CentOs.
And we have an issue in the next case
There is sensitive variable in Project (some password) and step which use reference-package with some text file in it. That file contains octopus placeholder (#{variable_name}). We use “Substitute Variables in Files” feature to put password there. It works just fine on Octopus + Windows Tentacle + regular package deployment. But in case of linux + package reference octopus somehow place “***********” instead of variable value.
Is there any work-around (except using “plain text”, which is ok for testing, but is NOT ok for production)?


Thanks for contacting us. I’m having trouble recreating your situation. When I deploy a test package the variable is substituted into the script correctly.

One thing to consider, if the password appears in the logs it will be printed as “***********” but is still correct in the script.

Is the rest of the script working with the password?


I’ll check and re-test it in a next few days.

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