Script Project Creation?

We’ve been using Octopus successfully for internal projects for a while and now we’re ready to begin using it for our client projects. I’ve been tasked with creating projects for each of our 30+ clients. Each client will have three environments and 10+ variables. Creating each client manually will take quite a while. Just wondering if there is a way to script (using PowerShell and/or API?) the task. Most of the information I need for each project is stored in a SQL database already. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Troy,

There’s currently no supported way to do this. After creating the first project, you could try accessing the RavenDB interface (go to the Storage tab under configuration) and creating a copy of the Project document (giving it a different ID, name and SLUG). The project’s variables and steps are all stored in the one Project document, so that should be all you need to copy.

I’d suggest testing this on a separate Octopus server instance just in case things don’t work. Sorry I don’t have a better workaround.