Schedule trigger two environments simultaneously

I want to create a trigger that will deploy to both my dev and test environment at the same time. I’ve added the OctopusBypassDeploymentMutex variable, but I’m not sure how to schedule a new release to run both at the same time using a trigger. Any advice?


Hi Josh,

Thanks for getting in touch! While there’s currently no way to configure a single trigger to deploy to multiple environments, there are a couple of options I think may help.

  1. Create two separate triggers, one for each environment, ensuring the first environment in your lifecycle is configured as optional.

  2. You could also configure the second environment to be automatically deployed to once the release hits that phase. This would allow both environments to be deployed to with a single trigger, but it won’t be simultaneous.

There’s some additional information on configuring your lifecycle in this way in the following doc page.

Would one of these options achieve what you’re after?

I hope this helps! Let me know how you go or if you have any further questions moving forward. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


I’m really trying to get them to run at the same, because my deploy takes a very long time to both environments. When scheduling the second trigger, I need to select the source environment. My first trigger creates a release and deploys to dev. When my second trigger fires this will not be complete. How do I make my second trigger use this new release and deploy to test?

Hi Josh,

Thanks for following up and expanding a bit more on your requirements. Firstly, I’ve noticed some unexpected behavior with the scheduled triggers, where you’re unable to select an environment in the second phase of the lifecycle if your first phase is optional (like you can if deploying the release manually via the UI). However, since you can only configure one destination environment per trigger (which also creates your release) I don’t think this will help here.

Unfortunately however, the deployment to the second environment will have to be done after the deployment to the first environment. To perform these deployments within the same task, every applicable machine would have to be within the single environment you’re deploying to, or have a delay between the two deployment tasks.

I’m sorry it’s not better news! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns moving forward.

Best regards,


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