Running a specific task only once

We are executing a Sitecore CMS project and as part of that we need to deploy not only web deploy package but also Sitecore package containing Sitecore content items.
In the farm there are 5 web servers and we need to do the web deploy on all the 5 servers but Sitecore package should get deployed only once as all the servers share the same CMS database. How do I ensure that during my deployment i run a particular task only once? OR skip it all together if I am doing it few servers at a time.


Hi Badal,

To achieve this you’d need to create a new role (say “CMS-Content”) and assign that role to just one machine. Then, the package step that deploys the content package would use just that role. Since only one machine has the role, only one machine will get the package. You can also re-assign that role to different machines to change which machine will run it.

Hope this helps!