Runbook setting

Hello all,

I am having a slight issue in that I am unable to see a “Runbook” option in my projects

I am running my account as an Admin yet I cant see it.

IS there some configuration that turns it off?

Thanks in Advance

Hi @supafly270,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I believe the first version that Runbooks were released in had the option to disable them as it was a EAP feature.
All recent versions should always display the Runbook option though.

Can I check what version of Octopus Server you’re currently running?


Hi @paul.calvert

It seems the version is 2019.9.3

Would that be missing the runbooks, or be disabled?

Runbooks were added as an early access feature in 2019.10, so, you would need to upgrade past that to gain access to them.

so am I just behind by one version?

Would the process to upgrade to the latest version have any impact on Licensing?

Is it possible to go to the latest version directly?


That’s correct, you’re one version behind from when they were first added, but there have been a large number of improvements and fixes made to runbooks since then. So, if you were going to upgrade we would recommend upgrading to the latest version that your license supports.

If you have a currently active license then this will allow you to upgrade to any version on our downloads page.

If your license is expired, then you would only be able to upgrade to a version that was released before the expiry date. The release dates of all our versions can be seen on our downloads page: Octopus Server Release History - Octopus Deploy

There shouldn’t be any problems upgrading from your current version to our latest, however, I would recommend reading through our upgrade guide and checking the version comparison for any breaking changes. A couple main ones would be that we have raised the minimum supported SQL server version to SQL Server 2016 and minimum Windows OS version to Windows Server 2012 R2.

Hi Paul,

Thats very useful - thank you for that

Will look to get this upgrade implemented as soon as.

Thanks again

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Would upgrading to the latest version impact our licensing or have any cost implications?


That would depend on your current licensing situation.

If you have a currently active license, upgrading wouldn’t involve any licensing changes or costs.

If your license is expired, you would only be able to upgrade to a version released before the expiry date. The release dates of all our versions can be seen on our downloads page: Octopus Server Release History - Octopus Deploy. In this situation, upgrading to the latest version would require your license renewal.


Yep we do have an active license at the moment so that should be fine

Thanks a lot

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Hi Paul

I have just upgraded my personal version to the latest version before I do anything in our live environment.

I did try the automated method but I must admit that gave me a lot of issues but it did manage to complete the DB backup steps etc.

I had to run the install file manually

I have now completed the upgrade but am still not seeing the runbook or the operations option

Am i missing something here?

I am now on the latest version with a valid license



I wrote that email, restarted the instance a couple of times, refreshed the browser and voila, its turned up

Thanks in advance

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I have completed the upgrade at work and now we are getting an error:


Not quite sure what it means but have you seen this before?

When you click on projects, the error is gone


We have seen issues with data in the browser cache causing odd errors following an upgrade. If you haven’t already it would be worth clearing this first to see if the error persists.

If it does continue to appear would you be able to grab the latest Octopus.Server.txt log file (default location C:\Octopus\Logs) and drop an email through to with a brief description (or screenshot) of where the error is occurring and the log file.


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