Run Deployment on email approval

Hey guys,
I wondered if there is a workaround for the next scenario:
my package deployed automatically to dev environment and then to test environment and then it sends email to someone and only on his approval the package deployed to production.

i didn’t see a step for this , i mean there is mail notify and manual intervention but not combined.
can you think about a possible workaround for this?


Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, Octopus doesn’t support this in a single step but I think there are two main options to accomplish this.

  • I think your best option is to create an email step and manual intervention step (like you mentioned) scoped to your production environment. That way, Octopus will only email the appropriate person and wait for a response for your production deployments.
  • Alternately, you could configure a subscription (Octopus 3.5 and newer) that subscribes to manual intervention events for your specific project and environment etc. This is handy but it can’t be customised in the same way as an email step. The following link has more information on this approach.

Hope this helps!