Run condition on first step

I found a previous (closed) discussion regarding this issue, but felt it warranted further discussion. I now have a step that used to sit further down the step tree and had a run condition specified based on a variable value, which worked great. However, this step has now been moved to be the first step, and you cannot see or change this run condition, however the run condition is still being evaluated. In order to change this, the step must be moved out of first place, then changed, and moved back.
Can the ability to see/change the run condition be made visible for the first step in a process?

I will add to this that the fact I know there is a run condition applied to the first step is OK for me, but anyone else in the team who is looking at this step will not be aware that a run condition has been applied as it does not show up as such.


Thanks for getting in touch. This is a good point and we created previously created a GitHub issue to get it fixed. You can follow it’s progress at the following URL.

Hope this helps!