Run condition based on tag in release number

Hello. I have been running OctopusDeploy for a few months now and have hit a bit of an issue with managing Windows installer deployments. I have the actual installation and upgrade working but I need a downgrade path as well for rollbacks to previous releases.

A direct run of the previous release doesn’t work due to a newer version of the installed program existing. The process I figured would work is to create a new release with the version like “1.1.1-downgrade” and then make an uninstall step only run when the “-downgrade” is present in the release number.

How do I make the conditional work with something like a “contains” or is there another way to reverse an current release?

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Based on the information provided in your query it sounds like you could achieve this by utilizing Channels or more specifically including a Version Rules on the Channel itself.

Version rules can be used to assist with selecting the correct versions of packages for the associated Channel.

I’d recommend having a read through the aforementioned documentation for further information.

If I’ve misunderstood your query in any way, or if you require further assistance or clarification, please let me know :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

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Hey Reece,

Unfortunately I can’t do version rules as the package itself is not changed. The scenario is something like this:

version 1.1.1 is released and no issues are found
version 1.1.2 is released but data corrupting issues are found. I need to roll back to version 1.1.1 but I can’t simply redeploy the previous release as it is set to install a version that is no longer newer than the version that currently exists (MSI install).

I think, for now, we will rely on people reverting their code in git, rebuilding the package, and releasing as a new version (1.1.3 for example) but I was hoping for a quicker fix on the deployment side in cases of the “this needs to be done now!” aspect.

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