Rolling Deployment with Sleep-Time


I have configured a rolling deployment for a WebClient Deployment.
The steps are so:
1. Partent Step --> Portal Deployment = rolling deployment
1.1 Child Step --> stop iis
1.2 Child Step --> deploy iis
1.3 Child Step --> replave variables
1.4 Child Step --> start iis

But it seems that our loadbalancer is too slow… For testing i was deploying and permantly refreshing the werbsite and ended up on a service unavailable. And after about 2 min. it switched to the other Web-Server.

Does someone here an idea?
Thought about something like a sleep time between the rolling deployment?

Kind Regards

Hi @BlindRob!

You can certainly implement a sleep step in there to pause the rolling deployment to allow all of the components to catch up. The most common/easiest way would be a powershell script to start-sleep -seconds 120 or similar to sleep it for a couple of minutes between deployment targets.

I hope this helps!

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