Retrieve Deployment Metrics

I’m looking for metrics on our usage of Octopus. For example, how many deploys/month are we running?

Is there a way to retrieve this data from octopus?

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for reaching out.

There are two main options to retrieve and display data from your Octopus Server.

The first and potentially best option is to use our nice Grafana plugin which presents a datasource for our Octopus reporting API endpoint.
One of our Solutions experts has written a very good blog post running through setting this up and sample data on many varied aspects of the data we present, including installation, setting up the Dashboard and configuring the metrics it supplies.

The other option is around exporting data to Excel and other reporting tools such as PowerBI. The PowerBI one has full templates and instructions to make the setup straightforward:

Using a more traditional XML export you can follow this excellent guide to get your data into Excel and getting standard graphs and other metrics for your deployments:

If you already use Grafana or are willing to give it a try I would recommend that option, but as the data is the same for all options you should be able to get what you need from any of the options above.

Hope that helps you get what you need.

Kind Regards,

This is great thanks.

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