Retention Policies - delete package but keep releases

Is there a way to configure retention to delete old packages that are no longer needed, but keep the release so the deployment steps/history are available for review and auditing? Repeatedly expanding the storage volume for our packages isn’t a sustainable or predictable solution, and our development team has provided multiple valid business cases why deleting releases isn’t an option. Is there something automated in place or do I need to script a custom solution?

Hi Steve,

Thanks for getting in touch! We do have an option for removing old packages from the built-in feed. Our documentation on Retention Policies has some illustrated steps on configuring this.

Currently Octopus will keep any packages associated with a current release on the Octopus dashboard. However, if a package is no longer associated with a release, you can configure Octopus to remove the packages.

I believe the default for this setting is to keep all packages in the built-in repository. If you configure this value, Octopus will only keep packages related to the current releases and remove non-associated packages after X amount of days.

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Hi Daniel,

Unfortunately your proposed solution misses a key requirement that we do not delete any releases.

Bumping to get a definitive answer. Do I need to write something that will delete old packages, or is there native functionality in Octopus that DOES NOT require releases be deleted?

Hi Steve,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It looks like I misunderstood your initial request. Currently our retention policies for the Octopus server are tied to the releases. This is currently the only automated method we have for removing data from the Octopus server. (Aside from the built-in repository retention policies)

Are you specifically having storage problems on the Octopus server, or do you experience this on Tentacle servers?

If you do not wish to remove the old release from the Octopus server you are still able to remove their associated packages. You will need to manually perform this action though as Octopus is only capable of deleting files as a part of the retention policy.

Let me know if you have any further questions here. :slight_smile:

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