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I’ve been migrating to a new Octopus server, everything hosted in Docker using your images. Everything has been fine until now. I’ve been updating the process steps to work in a Linux environment as the server I’m migrating from is a Windows box.

I must have changed something that the server didn’t appreciate… I now get an error message “The resource ‘Database Migration’ was not found”.

I have run the powershell script that I’ve found in other similar reported incidents, with no luck. The script does reset the versioning setting for the project, so I know it has run successfully.

Navigating to any project page results in the error. I have also tried updating to the latest version released just a few hours ago, with no success. The error remains.

Please let me know where to from here.


Hi @qerim,

Thanks for getting in touch, and welcome! I’m sorry to see you’re encountering this unexpected issue after the migration, however.

Is this Database Migration mentioned in the error a step in your project’s deployment process? If so, did this issue occur immediately after a change to this step’s name, and is this step tied to a channel version rule in the project? If that lines up, it’s likely you’re getting hit by this bug.

If that doesn’t apply to your scenario, would you be willing to capture a HAR file for us to look at?

If needed, you can upload this HAR file to this upload-only link.

I look forward to hearing back and getting to the bottom of this!

Best regards,


Hi Kenny,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, the “Database Migration” is a step in the deployment process. I don’t believe the issue you’ve referenced is relevant.

What I think might have happened, is that I’d been cloning steps and then using the cloned step to update the process for my new environment. Then I’d disable the old step and move on. What I think I did was rename the old step to “Database Migration - old”, and the new one to “Database Migration”, the same name that the old one used to be. I think that’s caused some chaos.

Could that be it? It’s the only step I renamed like that. The other cloned steps are all called something different to the original steps, which I have disabled.


Hello again Kenny.

I managed to fix it. I dug into the database and found the record in the DeploymentProcess table causing the problem. I updated the JSON to what it was before I renamed things… and now it seems ok.

I will confirm tomorrow.


Hey @qerim,

Just jumping in for Kenny who is currently offline as part of our Australian based team, great news you managed to fix that, ill let Kenny know!

Reach out in future if you need further assistance as we are always happy to help!

Kind Regards,


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