Replace .properties files inside a Jar

Short history, I was trying to use replace/substitution variable using the Jar Deployment step, but I couldn’t make it work, I tried these two approaches.

  1. Deploy directly the .jar, the step unzip the .jar in the target folder with out any substitution
  2. I create a .zip file with my .jar files, it deploys the jar files but with out any transformation.
    I need to deploy the jar file, but with .properties transformation inside the jar, is that possible ?



Yes, we support variable substitution in Java packages, as per our docs.

Could you send through some screenshots of how you’ve configured your deployment step as this may assist us in determining what the cause of this issue is.

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Hi, there you go


feature substitution

thanks in advance

Hi, I could make it work the substitutions (It was my bad)
but now i have this problem:
the package name deployed has this name

why is that?

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That package name format is for the package cache on the server, this is so that we can differentiate what type of package it is due to the different feed types we now support.

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