Removed role issue for scoped variable


We faced an issue around roles: we had a role, like ‘role1’ that we used for some targets and also scoped some variables to ‘role1’. We removed ‘role1’ from all targets (and project steps where it was used), so ‘role1’ was removed from the system (not appeared in roles list anymore), although it was used in some scoped variables. As a result in the scoped variables we cannot see ‘role1’ anymore, only the ‘x’ (removal) sign. As we removed more roles at once, we were confused which “old” roles were used for the given variables as they were removed, so we cannot see them anymore.
Expected behavior:

  • At a minimum: Roles should not be removed by the system, if it is used anywhere in the application (for targets, project steps, scoped variables, etc.).
  • Ideally: It would be great to have an easy way through the web portal to filter for Role usages, as having several projects/steps, targets, variables and variable sets it can be quite frustrating to find where a given role is still used.


Hi Laszlo,

Thanks for reaching out. We are aware that the Machine Roles experience could be highly improved. There’s a uservoice suggestion to allow Roles renaming that’s gaining some momentum. If you check the comments section, you’ll see that other users (including myself) are asking to extend this even further than just “Role renaming”.

Is there any chance you can jump into that thread an add your suggestions on a comment? Also please add some votes to it!

Best regards,