Remode Deploy all xx environments option

Hi all Is it possible to disable the “Deploy all xx envrinmoent …” link When user want to deploy à release for specific profile ?


Hi @user9,

Thanks for posting your question and welcome to the Octopus Deploy community!

Are you by chance referring to the selection of environments available to deploy to after a release is created? If so, I was wondering if you had looked into Lifecycles to guide the release through your desired environments? You can find more information about they work with environments here: Lifecycles and Environments - Octopus Deploy

If that isn’t helpful, could you please provide a few more details on what you’re trying to accomplish along with your use case? A screenshot of the area you’re looking at may also be helpful.


Hi patrick,
Thx for your response unfortunatly i’m not able to find any solution for my problem.
But sur i was clear in my initial request. I would like to know if it’s possible to remove Deploy to all xx environment when I click on “Deploy to” btn ?


Would like to remove this feature for some users to prevent “miss click” issue.

Hope it’s more clear now.

Hi @user9,

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to remove the “Deploy to all” option.

The only possible option would be to split the 60 environments into multiple Phases within the Lifecycle which would reduce the total environments that could be accidentally selected.


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