Release Promotions ETA and remote deployments

I see from your 2017 roadmap you’ve got Octopus Release Promotions planned which I think will help us. Do you have any ETA on this?

Are you able to explain how this may work because from what you’re saying it’ll allow us to push a release to a downstream octopus server which may reside on a landing box in a customer site. Then from this customer site we’d have to log onto octopus to then do the release. The current license agreement only allows us to install 3 octopus servers, even with enterprise so are you planning on changing the license agreement here?

We have many customers that isolated networks, but we do have access to a single gateway VM that we wanted to either install octopus server on or use as an octopus proxy. We’re not really happy with the offline package solution.

A solution a bit like octopus HA might work, having a server on each landing vm talking to a cloud sql? but this is limited to 4 servers at the minute?


Hi Danny,

The RFC will be out very shortly that will explain all of the finer details of the feature. As for timing we can never really estimate how long a feature like this might take to build, but we do have a team on top of it.
The licensing will change with Octopus 4.0, which again you will have to look out for closer to the 4.0 release date. 4.0 is when this feature will be released. I believe it is heading towards a new model that does not limit you to a number of instances.

I know I am giving you absolutely zero information, but the RFC is going to be very detailed, and the licensing hasn’t been finalized. Our blog is the best place to follow for this information.
Your scenario is one we are catering for, and if you have the opportunity read the RFC and Spec and please comment on its fit.

Hi Danny,

I just wanted to give you an update that the Remote Release Promotions RFC is up on the blog if you haven’t seen it yet:

We would really appreciate any comments that you have regarding the design and concept.