Release overview

Dear support,

When releasing multiple times a day, the only first 3 are shown in the overview dashboard.

Is it possible to extend the dashboard overview to show more releases available for our deployment team as they first have to go to the releases tab and release from there?

I saw this github article: and this was solved in 3.15.3 and I’m running version 2018.1.3 so I was expecting those buttions to be available.

Please let me know.

Thank you.


Hi Gijs,

Thanks for contacting us. That issue you linked to is for our old UI, and no longer applies in the 2018 release.

Unfortunately the number of releases shown in the dashboard is fixed at 3. This is so the dashboard doesn’t have to many items on it for performance reasons.

Cam MacFarland

Hi Cam,

Thanks for your reply. I will communicate this with our team.


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