Release ordering not by release number


I’ve noticed if I create/recreate a release with a version number less than an existing release then the releases are displayed out of order in multiple locations including the releases page and “show current releases” filter. They appear to be ordered by either the assemble date or perhaps the release ID.

Due to the snapshots feature, if we have to change any steps then we have to recreate the releases. Snapshots are a particularly annoying feature for us and as a side effect results in releases displayed out of order.

Our release numbering is determine by the release files being delivered to us. As such it’s not possible for us to bump or change the release number if any step in our project changes (i.e. bug fix in a deployment step which isn’t enough to require our development team to produce a completely new release).

Is the release ordering correct/by design or should it be instead ordered by release number? It is confusing to the users when not in release version order.

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Hi Blair,

The releases are ordered by the Assembled date and this is by design. You can raise a UserVoice idea here if you think that we should consider changing this or provide a way for users to be able to specify the ordering themselves.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks Henrik. I’ve commented on and up-voted an existing similar item on UserVoice: