Release notes in subscription webhook

Is it possible to get the Release Notes for a Deployment in the Event information for a Subscription webhook?

We are switching to using a Subscription webhook to notify our HipChat about deployment status. We had been using individual steps in the process to do this before. Subscriptions are much better, but the one thing we are missing is the Release Notes. We could get them as part of the process in an Octopus Variable, but they don’t seem to be included in the Event payload to the webhook.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to get the release notes directly from the Event payload information. However, the event payload for a deployment-related event will include the DeploymentId, which you can then use to lookup the full deployment record using the deployment API.

Eg. Your webhook would consume the subscription event, then grab the DeploymentId and you could then use the Octopus.Client library to then get the full details of the deployment (ie. Integrate this library into your webhook code and setup an API key in your Octopus Server). This link includes various documentation and sample code that should be able to help, depending on whether you’re calling the Octopus.Client synchronously or asynchronously (see the Working directly with the client section for an example of a Get request).

Hope this helps.