Release date (estimate/guesstimate) for 2021.3.9522

We have had an open issue about deployments failing with “Stack empty”: Deployments fail with error "Stack Empty" and there’s a github issue here: "Stack empty" error may occur when running many tasks in parallel against the Octopus Server with OctopusBypassDeploymentMutex set to true · Issue #7130 · OctopusDeploy/Issues · GitHub that says it’s going to be released with 2021.3.9522. What is the estimated date (or period) for this release? Is there a place where this information is available?

I’m totally fine if you can’t promise anything, but an approximation, best guess or anything like that would be very nice to have. :slight_smile:

PS: We are on 2021.3 already so we can’t utilize the patched 2021.2 version.


Hallgeir Lien Østerbø

Hi @hallgeir.osterbo,

Thanks for getting in touch!

A number of builds since *.9522 did begin to roll out to our Cloud instances but were then halted due to various blocking issues.
It is looking like *.10526 will be the build that includes the fixes for the various issue encountered and hopefully, this will begin rolling out to our Cloud instances within the next week or so.
Assuming that no other blocking issues are encountered, we would expect this to be available towards the end of February.


Thanks a lot @paul.calvert for the dates! Then we will hang tight. :slight_smile:

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