Relative Path - Does Not Exist, IIS Step Template


I’m using the IIS step template in my project and it has been working fine. Recently I changed the step to use a Custom Folder using “Relative path under package installation directory” and I get an error saying the folder does not exist, how can I get it to create the folder if it does not exist?



Thanks for the question!

The “Relative path…” option under the IIS step configuration requires you to have a folder of that name within the package that has been selected to be deployed.


If the package you are deploying does not have the folder inside it you can set a custom installation directory. To do this, first select “Configure Features”


Then select Custom Installation Directory


Enter the directory name, this could be a set value or taken from a variable. Also, set the Physical Path to Package Installation Directory. Documentation on this can be found here:


If neither option covers the scenario you have you could add a script step to add the folder before the IIS step, or there is a Community step template that creates folders

If you have any further questions please get in contact!