Relative home dir = wwwroot for ASPNET Core apps does not work

As explained on, below Deployment:

“When running under IIS, ensure the Relative home directory is specified as “wwwroot” for compatibility with IIS.”

If I set my Relative home directory to “wwwroot”, I just get a 403 Forbidden message when I browse to the site. For me it has worked to leave the field empty (so the IIS web site points to the deployed root of the package). And to me, having wwwroot as the home dir for the IIS site doesn’t make any sense either, as the application itself will be located a level up. The wwwroot directory only contains static resources, so there’s no application entry point in that directory.

The package was built using standard dotnet publish and octo pack commands as explained in the same article.

Soo…100% sure that the Relative home directory should be set to wwwroot? :slight_smile:


Thanks for getting in touch! That is a left over from the ASP.NET Core RC1 days. I have now removed it. Thank you for letting us know.

Robert W

Thumbs up!