Recent Windows Updates seem to break Octopus on Windows 2008 R2


Yesterday bunch of our builds worked just fine. Today they all are failing and different parts of the deployment pipeline fail with the same cryptic message: “PowerShell script returned a non-zero excit code: 1”. At the moment we can see this problem when we run:

  • Octopus.Features.WindowService_AfterPreDeploy
  • Web Deploy - Publish Website (MSDeploy)

This is happening on a Windows 2008 R2 box which was updated today around 1am (Brisbane time). I’ve attached the list of updates. We have another tentacle installed on Windows 2012 box and it’s fine. No updates have been applied to it recently.

Not sure whether you can do anything about that but I thought you might still want to know about it in case more people are affected.

Forgot to add the log.

ServerTasks-17990.log.txt (21 KB)

And one more log. Same problem but triggered by a different script.

ServerTasks-18022.log.txt (16 KB)

Hi Pawel,
We have managed to reproduce your issue, and we believe it is the ‘Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview’ you have installed that is causing the problem.

If you are able to uninstall that update, your Tentacles should be functional again.

We will continue to investigate exactly what the problem with the latest WMF 5.0 preview is.

Thanks for following it up, I will pass it on to relevant people :slight_smile:

I have investigated this further, and with the ‘Windows Management Framework 5.0 preview’ installed (at least the April edition), it is not possible to invoke powershell.exe from a Windows Service. Which is exactly what Tentacles do.

I have logged a bug report with Microsoft:

But you will definitely want to uninstall that preview from any machines running Octopus Tentacles.