ReactJs zip deploy to OctopusDeploy to Azure Blob Storage

Hi Team,

Need you help…
I’m using Jenkins CI, Octopus Deploy as Deployment tool to Azure Blob Storage.Using Jenkins NodeJS, built the ReactJS code(zip file) and using Jenkins Octopus Plugin, I can prepare the Octopus Release. Not this zip has to be deployed to Azure Blob Storage using Octopus Deploy.
Please advise-
How Octopus Deploy will unzip the built file and deploy into Azure Blob Storage?
What configurations I have to do in Octopus Deploy?
In the Deployment target -which option should i choose - like Azure Web App or Cloud Service or etc? I can’t see Azure Blob Storage?

I checked below but not getting how to use-

I will wait for your advise


Hi Siddharth,

Unfortunately we do not have an Azure Blob Storage step, we will soon, I have created an issue to track its progress, see

Regarding usage of the community step you refer to, I haven’t used it myself, we have a community slack channel that may be able to help here -

Let me know if you have any other questions


Hi John,

Thanks for your response.So based on that Azure blob storage library file, can’t i deploy it in Azure Blob storage or any other way like using ssh connection and set my own deploy process?

Also, I will need to unzip the package and then deploy into blob storage of Azure.Is that possible?


Hi Siddharth,

Yes you can still deploy to blob storage.
You can use the community step you referred to or write your own script that does all the work.

The package will automatically be unzipped, and you can access the files see how to do this.

We also have started work on the built in step that will do this out of the box.


Hi @John_Simons Thanks.I’m in much need of your help again as today I had a discussion and there is change in plan that we are not going to use Maven feeds for Octopus Deploy external Repository as earlier I thought of putting JFrog Maven artifactory since Octopus deploy supports Maven feeds. The reason is our code is of ReactJS and Maven Artifactory is mainly for JAVA based code.
Hence considering my case -
1)Could you please advise -what kind of external Artifactory I can choose which Octopus Deploy supports(no maven,no nuget,no github)?
2)Will there kind be any artifactory where we can upload the zip and Octopus Deploy downloads as HTTP feed?
Please help otherwise Octopus deploy will be ruled out my Project requirement which I don’t want and I have to confirm tomorrow. Thank you so much

Hi Siddharth,

Octopus supports a range of external repositories as well as a Built-in repository ( , the built-in repository supports zip files see

Would the Built-in repository be an option for you ? You can push packages to it via a few options documented in

Let me know if this answers your questions