QA1 QA2 QA3 environments

Hey there…

We ran in to the issue of having multiple website versions in the QA environment so that multiple manual/automated testing can occur at the same time for different features or branches for the same project.

To make this happen, we have had to create QA1, QA2 QA3 and then used Environment.Name variable driven website bindings so it all works ok.

However, we came to the situation of web transformation files. And we had to create the following:


This might get a little messy! Is there a way to tell octopus to run web.QA.config for all QA(n) environments?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Dejan,

Thanks for getting in touch! You can create a variable and scope it to your environments and then use this to know which config to run by using it in additional the additional transforms setting. Please see my attached screenshots.

Let me know if this helps.