Pushing packages to clients in new development domain fail

We are able to successfully add the machines to the environment

Any packages we push to the new development domain end up failing. We feel it could be due to a delayed response from the client causing the Octopus server to error on the deployment

When we reset the connection from the Octopus server to the client, the time / date of the last connection does not update even though the octopus tentacle service gets recycled due to the reset

NOTE: my previous ticket had the incorrect email address: (jeff.geist@oldi.net)

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for reaching out!

When you say “new domain” do you mean an Active Directory domain?
Which version of Octopus are you running?
Could you send us a deployment log that shows the error when deploying to this machine? if possible, create a new project that only has 1 step and try to reproduce the error there. It’ll help us make a cleaner troubleshooting.

Thanks for your reply

The log files only go back a few days so I am unable to look for the systems that were identified to me as having deployment issues.

A developer will deploy to the new Development AD sometime today. If the issue remains, I will attach log(s) then will then create a new project to troubleshoot.

Also, yes it is Active Directory. We have a couple of AD Forest Trusts and the issue concerns the new AD Forest Trust. We have DNS configured to use Conditional Forwards to pass the query on to the authoritative domain. Late last week we did some work on the networking side of things and this morning we did a little more work on DNS in the new Development AD Domain (reverse lookup zone for the prod) to help with the conditional forwarding.

I will keep you in the loop once we deploy to the domain.

Thanks again for the quick response

Jeff Geist
Network Administrator II
Infrastructure Services

Hi Jeff,

If possible could you also send me the latest logs from the Octopus server and the Tentacle? on a default install they should be in C:\Octopus\Logs