Pushing a SDK Style .NET Framework 4.7.2 project

Hi there,

I have recently upgraded some older .NET Framework csproj projects to SDK style towards a larger initiative to move a monolith to .NET 6.

My projects in my solution have/had Octopack imports and was run via our CI pipeline with MSBuild

                                   msBuild.exe ${solution} 
                                    /t:Restore;Build /p:Configuration=${configuration} 
                                    /p:OctoPackPublishPackageToHttp=foo/nuget/packages \

It used to pack and push these fine when they were non SDK style csprojs.

The packages now do not seem to be appearing, but the build is happy enough.

Do I need to change my CI pipeline to use the newer dotnet cli/octopus pack / push syntax?
The documentation makes the clear distinction for NET Core applications (cli) vs NET Frameworks (octopack), but mine is still framework just in the NET Core syntax I suppose, so I’m unsure.

Any advice would be helpful.


Hey @Cyorke,

Welcome to the forums and thank you for contacting us, I am unsure what would be the issue here but we do always recommend upgrading to the latest Octopus CLI if you are starting to see issues with any scripts or projects that use the CLI in build servers such as TeamCity.

Would you be able to upgrade to the latest CLI (the latest is 9.1.7 and you can find that here for the chocolatey install or here for the nuget install) and see if that alleviates the issue.

The new commands you could use are linked below but I think you probably have found those already:

If it does not are you able to get us the full output of running those commands and also a copy of your Octopus Server logs so we can take a look at them for you. I have created you a secure link here. Let me know if you do need further assistance after upgrading the CLI and when you have uploaded the files and I can make sure we got them and take a look for you.

Kind Regards,