Push package - how do we control deployment to specific environments?


We have a problem to specify an environment when we push a package. When creating a release we can specify an environment and octopus will only deploy to that environment (see screenshot for dashboard)

However when deploying our new ASP .NET Core project, we publish and push a .zip file. When pushing the package we cant specify any environment, and when looking at the dashboard, Octopus will deploy to all environments at the same time. We use automatic deployment when release is created.

How can we control deployment to specific environments using the push functionality, as we still want the automatic deployment feature and not deploying manually.

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Solved it myself this evening

I had used a setting in the octopus project process tab to create a release when the package was pushed.

Instead I used the create release functionality after the push, and this can target the environments I want.

I just did not know you could use it for zip packages (for our ASP.NET Core project), but that worked like a charm