Proxy server with bypass for specific patterns

Just wondering if this is possible to configure the proxy to bypass specific URI wildcards like you would in Internet Explorer credentials.

The user account that we use for the Octopus doesn’t have a profile to logon with so we use the Custom Proxy server, and most of the traffic we need to go out via the proxy, but some (internal nuget e.g.) is not to go out via the Proxy.

Is it possible to configure the Proxy settings this way?

Hey Paul,
Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately it is not possible to configure Octopus server to bypass specific patterns using the custom proxy server option. As the account that you use for Octopus doesn’t have a profile, using Internet Explorer won’t work for you either. One option which comes to mind would be to implementing a transparent proxy at the internet gateway and configure any bypass rules there.

Kind Regards,