Provide a way to disable a deployment step

If I want to temporarily stop a step from being run in a deployment process, currently I have to assign it to an environment or role that normally isn’t involved in a particular project. Can you add a clear and concise control to disable/enable a deployment step and then visually show that step as disabled in the step list, rather than me having to, for example, create a dummy environment called “DisabledEnvironment” to assign steps to?


Thanks for reaching out. Steps can be skipped A) Manually before you click the “Deploy now” button and B) using the --skip argument when using Octo.exe.

Additionally there’s a uservoice suggestion that is becoming popular to allow to be able to skip steps based on the value of a variable. You could create a variable called SkipStep2 and that way that step would always be skipped until you modify that variable. If you’d like that feature to be implemented, please drop by and add some votes to the suggestion



Since my deployment is run automatically, I don’t think A) is feasible. B) is good, but that would mean I might have to change N number of places that call the deploy. So not a great situation where I want 1 step disabled for the forseeable future, but not removed.

I like the UserVoice suggestion and that’s what I’ll use once it is available. However, what this doesn’t show in the Octo UI is that the step is disabled. But that’s minor.

Thanks for the link to UserVoice. I’ve added my votes.