Prompted variables: Ordering and variable susbstitution

Is there a way to order prompted variables so that they show up in a desired order in the deploy release dialog?

And, how does variable substitution work with prompted variables? If the default value follows the variables substitution syntax I would expect the value shown to the user should have had substitution done, but that seems to not happen?

Hi there @ulf.axelsson

Thanks for reaching out to us regarding prompted variables! Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a way to set a desired order for these, and variable substitution is not something that works in the default value for these types of variables.

The ordering of these variables is in order of appearance, so you could effect the ordering by entering them in the order that you want them to appear, as a workaround for the lack of this feature.

I noticed that others in the community are keen to see this feature, so perhaps you might like to put your support in too, if you haven’t done so already.

In terms of the default value supporting variable substitution, this currently isn’t supported as not all variables can be resolved prior to release execution. We tend to display the #{} button in places where you can use variable substitution feature, to help give you an easy way to identify where this can be used.

I hope this answers your questions, and please let me know if there is anything further I can help you with!

Kind regards,

Ok, thank you!

No problem, happy to help :slight_smile:

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