Prompted variable doesn`t show in release summary


I`m deploying packages build using /p:OctoPackAppendToPackageId=%params.BranchName%
and when creating release i use prompted variable --variable “PackageSuffix:.%params.BranchName%” to build package name for deploy.

Package is found, deploy is succesfull, but when looking into release summary you can see that:

Octopus version 3.5.0. Is this a bug? Is it fixed in new version?

I came here to post the same thing.

Documentation suggests that the --variables parameter is available during create-release.

But sniffing around the code on Github ( I can’t see any reference to the variable parameter for create-release, only on deploy-release.

Is this perhaps an error in documentation? A missing feature of the command line tool?

Hi Tomasz and Mark,

Thanks for getting in touch! It’s great to hear the release is created and deployed as expected, Tomasz. It looks like the behavior where your PackageSuffix prompted variable isn’t displaying the value you provided in the release summary was a bug. I’ve given this a test in the latest version and it displays which package ID and version were used for this release, however I’m unable to determine exactly which version this was fixed in. I’m happy to do some more digging if this info is required.

@Mark_Kranz, I’ve been able to successfully create a release with a prompted variable using the --variable=Label:Value argument in Octo.exe. I don’t believe there’s an error in the doc, but are you hitting any issue trying to create a release with this argument to provide a value for a prompted variable? What’s the command you’re using, and where are you using this prompted variable? I’ll be happy to give it a test. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any further questions going forward!

Kind regards,


Hello Kenny.

For me information that in new versions it was fixed is enough.



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