Project Scheduled Trigger Failed to Start & No Notice


We have a project scheduled trigger that runs once a week. However, the last time it ran was 11/9. As a result, we experienced a production outage yesterday. Even after discovering yesterday that the scheduled trigger has not been working, we could not find any log or indication that there had been a problem with it.

How can we know/detect that a scheduled trigger is failing to start? We’d like to set up a notification for this; is that possible?

As for the cause, the only change is that at about the same time the trigger started to fail, all the deployment targets were deleted for two of the 15 tenants scoped. Could this have caused the trigger to fail to start?


Hey @bob.hardister,

Thanks for getting in touch, sorry to hear about the issues you’ve experienced.

To view any information on scheduled tasks you can refer to the scheduled trigger logs within Octopus.
You can find this in Configuration → Diagnostics → Scheduled Trigger Logs.

If you haven’t already, I believe this could be a good place to check for the cause of the issue initially, as it should reveal information about why X action couldn’t be done.

As for setting notifications for failed scheduled events, currently this isn’t available built-in to Octopus, but it’s certainly something that would be worth requesting if you’d like to suggest it on our user voice.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions or if you’re not sure about the contents of the trigger logs, we’d be happy to take a look.

Kind Regards,

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