Project Group and AD Group Security


I have seen various threads on AD Group security and Project Group security, but without a clear resolution. I was hoping you could clarify if/when we can expect to see the ability to:

  1. Apply permissions to a Project Group for a team. This would simplify having to specify each individual project which all happen to fall under the same Project Group.

  2. Add AD Groups into Octopus Deploy so that permissions to projects and environments can be assigned to AD Groups either directly or through a team that maps to the AD group.

In addition, or alternatively, another role that would allow me to delegate the assigning of user permissions to specific environments or project groups would help.

The end result for all of these is for me as the Octopus administrator to add a user once or AD group once into Octopus Deploy and be able to delegate member maintenance to other Project or Environment Admins. Otherwise, I will be contacted every time a new project is added or a users is added to or leaves a team.


Hi Brian,

Thanks for the feedback. We have two tickets here:

We’ll do some backlog prioritization on Wednesday, so you can check back later in the week or monitor those links to get an idea of when these features will be available.


Great, thanks for the information! Octopus has been working well for us, keep up the good work!

Our organization uses Octopus to support many different project teams, and being able to assign permissions at the scope of a project group would be amazingly useful. Having the ability to use AD groups has been an awesome upgrade as well.

I see that 763 was recently closed on GH, but I didn’t see the release it was implemented in. I checked the 2.5.x releases hoping to find it there - any guidance you could provide would be appreciated!

Hi Eric,

The issue was closed as it was not going to be part of the milestones currently in development. we do not keep issues open in GitHub unless planned so it should have been moved to UserVoice.
I have created it as a suggestion on UserVoice which can be found here:

The more votes and comments the more likely the time will be spent to make this into a feature.