Project Dashboard - LibraryVariableSets-61 not found

Hi, I was refactoring my project and I no longer needed a variable set so I deleted it from the library. After the change, new deployments continued to run successfully, as expected. However, now when I try to choose a previous release on the project dashboard page, an error is displayed saying that a particular library variable set is not found. I would have expected it to not be hard deleted and still be available in the snapshot of the release. Attached are screenshots showing where the error takes place, the error message, and the table in the database, not sure if that helps.

Had I known that previous releases would be affected, I would have left the variable set. Is there any way to fix it so that I can at least browse deployed release using the dashboard? I don’t really care about not being able to redeploy an old release.

Thanks for your time,

I’m on 3.7.5 so I think I’m going to update to the latest version

Upgrading to 3.11.11 fixed the problem! This thread can be closed :slight_smile: