Problems with NTLM proxy

Hi all,

I’m trying the public Beta V2. I configured the Octopus Server with additional credentials for the proxy, but I can’t seem to get it to work. First off, I can’t connect to my tentacle outside the cooperate Firewall. Secondly, when I try to contact the nuget page, I get “The remote name ‘’ could not be resolved”. However, using the IE on the server machine works.

Any ideas why this is not working?

Thanks for getting in touch!

2.0 uses a new secure TCP transport doesn’t yet support Tentacles behind an HTTP proxy - you’ll need to pass through the Tentacle port to make this connection.

If this is problematic you might also investigate having the Tentacle connect to the server in Polling mode.

We have a backlog item down for proxy support at: - please feel free to add a “vote” there if this is important in your environment.

I’m not sure about the issue - we don’t do anything special with the NuGet connection. The Octopus server does accept proxy settings in the Octopus Manager tool (runnable on the server) so checking these might be a good first point of investigation.

Hope this helps,