Problems integrating with Jira

Hi, I’m just trying to implement your Jira plugin, but am having a fair bit of trouble getting it working.

On the Jira (Jira Cloud, to be precise) side, I have installed the plugin from the marketplace, configured the base URL for Jira, and inserted my Octopus Installation ID. As far as I can see, that’s all that is required for the Jira side, right?

On the Octopus side, I have configured the instance type, base URL, Octopus installation ID, Octopus Server URL, Jira Username and Jira Password (ie. a generated Jira API key). I can click the Test button on both the Connect App Password and Jira Password and I get success for both of them. Is anything else required on the Octopus side?

I then include the Jira issue key in my git commits. TeamCity then creates a build, and artifacts are created (with the help of Octopack), and then Octopus Deploy creates a release, deploys the release and then… nothing happens.

Octopus doesn’t automatically generate release notes, and Jira doesn’t acknowledge that an issue was included in any sort of release.

I’m running out of ideas on where I’m going wrong, any ideas?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for getting in touch!

My initial thought for this would be to check if the build server is successfully sending build information to Octopus.
The quickest way to do this would be to log in to you Octopus Server and check Library > Build Information to see if there are any packages there that correspond to your build packages.

If you do have packages visible in the build information repository, then the next thing I would check is that those packages are including the correct commit/work item information from Jira.
You should be able to check this by viewing the release notes for any recent release and confirming if the Jira information is present.
You may need to configure the release notes template if it has not already been done in order to see this information.

We also have additional information around the Jira integration available that may help point you in the right direction if neither of the above help:

Let me know how those two checks turn out or if you have any additional questions.

Best regards,

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