Problems after upgrading from 2.4.9 to 2.4.10

Before the upgrade everything worked fine.

We was running TeamCity 8.1.2 and Octopus Deploy 2.4.9, using a build step in TC running Octopack to pack and using TC as our NuGet feed.

After upgrading to TeamCity to 8.1.3 and Octopus Deploy 2.4.10 things stopped working. It seems like Octopus can’t find the TC NuGet feed, resulting in a “404 not found error”. When I test the NuGet feed from OD using Library -> External Feed -> Test -> Search, I get an error “The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found”.

I am about to roll back to the previous versions of both TC and OD to see if that helps, but hopes to avoid that.

See attachments for callstack and screen dump.

OctopusCallstackError.txt (2 KB)

We have resolved this now. The error was caused by wrong credentials when calling the TeamCity NuGet feed. After using correct credentials in the extenal feed setup, the NuGet feed is working as expected.

But I suggest you give a better error message when using wrong credentials. It should not give a “404 not found” error. Instead it should say “Incorrect credentials”.

I forgot to mention that I did reinstall the old Octopus version 2.4.9 as well.