Problem after trials license expired


We’ve been investigating moving our Octopus Server into the cloud. But, we had an old license valid up to 2020 so we weren’t able to use the export project feature.

When we received a trial license to investigate and start migrating, we weren’t aware that the server would stop processing anything. Previously, when our license expired we were able to continue using Octopus just not upgrade the server.

We didn’t make the deadline of transitioning our projects and deployment targets to the cloud, and are currently in panic mode. The trial license was given to us during summer, which may haven’t been our best planning effort. Can we update our current trial license?

Rogier van der Wel

Hi Rogier,

Thanks for getting in touch!

If you drop a message to our Sales team ( they should be able to help you out with that.


Thank you, hope they respond as fast you you did :grinning:

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I’ve sent the message to the sales team, but our development organization is currently standing completely still. Is there any way to give someone a little push? Worst case is that I won’t get a response until tomorrow and I can’t afford development standing still.

If you can send me a PM with the license key in I can take a look at it.

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