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According my previous question here: Libraries and Project Variables Sets
project variables have priority when there are the same naming variable in library list, however I have noticed Octopus behavior, then project variable ‘A’ has a value with reference to another variable which is in project variables list as well, but var ‘A’ in library has value without reference, and Octopus is picking library values for variable ‘A’. Is this something I should expect from Octopus? Are project variables ‘winning’ just when they have not referencing (#{varB}) values?

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Hi Monika,

Thanks for getting in touch! Given that both of these variables have the exact same scope, binding variable A to varB shouldn’t cause the behavior where the library variable set variable is getting precedence over the project variable. Giving this a quick test it looks like the project variable is indeed selected over the variable in the set. I believe I’ve set it up accurately based on what you’ve described - could you confirm if I’ve reproduced this correctly?

If you’re still seeing unexpected behavior here, could you let me know which version of Octopus you’re currently running, and a screenshot showing how all of these variables are defined, including their scopes?

I look forward to hearing back!

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