Prerelease/stable packages selection on release creation?

Hi, we are using semver 2.0.0 to assign versions for packages. the problem we have is that when creating new release Octopus lists latest versions including pre-release packages. It would be great if we have a switch allowing us to select whether we want pre-release packages or not. Is it possible?

Currently, if we have a package with 2 versions: and, then Octopus offers as the latest package. But it is not stable, so we would like Octopus to show as the latest package, because it is stable (but allowing us somehow to use if we want to).

Perhaps we miss some switch?

(we are not strictly following sem ver 2.0.0, but still, we use pre-releases and stable releases concept)

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for getting in touch. Having as the latest release is the expected result, as it has the highest release number. We do understand though that this might be a pain in situations such as yours. On a future Octopus release we will introduce the concept of branching, which will allow you to have multiple versions of your deployment processes where you’ll be able to have one just for -pre1 builds and maybe another one for stable builds.