Powershell Cmdlets for Octopus API


Are your API’s available as powershell cmdlets? It would be very helpful for build automation.


Hi Suraj,

Thanks for reaching out!

Depending on what you want to do from the command line/Powershell, Octo.exe might be what you are looking for.

Alternatively there’s a popular open source Powershell Module called Octoposh that you might wanna take a look at.

If you can’t find a way to automate something with those 2 methods, let me know what you are trying to do and I’ll try to give you a hand.



I had a quick look at OctoPosh and it doesn’t allow me to add/edit variables unless i use Json files unless I use Update-OctopusVariableSet which updates the entire variable set.

What I’m trying to do is maintain all the variables for our deployments in OCtopus. Our application is quite large and has many components, and variables (approx 100 variables per env) we also have many different environments (approx 10). Which adds up to a lot of variables to be maintained. Is this the best usage pattern to be used with Octopus for this specific scenario? Or are there better ways to do this?

Thank you for your help


I’ve added examples to the Octoposh wiki to:

What I’m trying to do is maintain all the variables for our deployments in Octopus

Its definitely a good practice to keep all the deployment-related variables in Octopus. Though I must say 100 per environment is quite a lot! I’m sure you did your best to narrow down the amount of variables as much as possible, so I’m afraid there’s not much else that can be done besides taking good care of those variables.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with

Brilliant, Thanks so much, its exactly what I needed.

Really appreciate your quick replies and great support.