Power shell script for below scenario

Hi Team,
I’m writing an powershell script to deploy source code(n number of objects) from source repository to target repository with some inbuild commands support by ETL product.
Now question is the n number of objects will change dynamically from one release to another release.In one deployment i may deploy 5 number of objects and in another deployment i can deploy 10 number of objects.
Is there any way how to handle this situation in powershell script(by using arrays and for loops.

Basically my script will like this

1.command to connect to source repository
2. Cretae label
3.Apply label to n number of objects(n number depends on deployment,it will vary from one deployment to another deployment)
Here i want some powershell script to apply label to n number of objects.I can simply manually use objects names in apply label like

Apply label -obj name1 -obj name2…obj name n

But i want powershell script to take number of objects as N and take their names from an text file.

Please help me.


Hi Jan,

Thanks for getting in touch! Could you explain how your script interacts with Octopus Deploy and send through a full deployment log showing where it is failing?


Hi Vanessa,

Thanks a lot for your reply.The question which i posted is my requirement
that i need to achieve with power shell scripting ,not trouble
shooting.Here basically i’m looking for coding that will handle my above

I’m not sure how it will relate to Octopus deployment.


Hi Jan,

This is a forum for Octopus Deploy support and not generic PowerShell deployment help.
It might be best to find another avenue to look for assistance such as a PowerShell group or forum.